Robin (Road Captain) and Axel (Road Marshal & Head Photographer) at Hogsback Chapter UK, based in Guildford, completed the 874 miles John O’Groats to Lands End ride on their Harley-Davidson in 2011, while raising with 5 other riders over 5,000 GBP for various charities.

As soon as they returned home, they started to look for a new challenge, a longer ride across the UK, more miles, more variations, all under a clearly defined but simple set of rules, so that other riders can ride this endurance for themselves and enter their name in the Iron Hog  Roll of Honour. The challenge should be a bit more then just going from A to B in a defined period of time, and the idea was born to include aspects of the official HOG ABC challenge, visiting as many Harley-Davidson dealerships as possible on their route. The Iron Hog Riders Challenge was born.

In July 2012, the Iron Hog Ride was started for the first time as Endurance Charity ride by a group of 5 members of Hogsback Chapter UK. During the 1,492 mile ride they visited a total of 22 Harley-Davidson dealerships, well with the allowed time window.

For 2016, Malcom took over the main administration work for the Iron Hog Challenge. Malcolm is together with Axel and Robin the only rider who completed 4 times in succession, from 2012 to 2015


  1. Robert cooper-mcnamara says:

    So where did you start from and was it , a straight start from where you start from and not doing the half a hour there,

    • bleiglass says:

      Hi Robert, we start from the Guildford H-D dealership, for me its a 40 min ride there, for others less. That is a price to pay, its the closest dealership for our rides and home of our Chapter.

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